Read About Me

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me…

My name is April and I enjoy spending time with people from all different walks of life.

When you’re spending time with me, you will be submitted to pure bliss. You will feel so renewed and refreshed once we part from one another, you will want to come back time and time again.

I enjoy pleasing others and spending time with you not only physically, but also mentally. I want to explore all those dirty fantasies you have. I want to hear all about your life and the different experiences you have had. I want to know who you are not only sexually but also intellectually, what turns you on when you are walking down the street, what a woman can say to stimulate your mind and your body at the same time. These are all things I strive to find out during our times together. That is not to say I spend the whole time talking your ear off, but rather while I’m exploring your body I will also be exploring your mind.

Now a little about me:

I am not only a sexy companion, I am so much more than that. When I am not exploring others and finding out what makes them go wild with pleasure I am volunteering my time to those who need it. I eventually want to find a career working for a nonprofit organization, and find it very sexy when someone shares their stories about how they have helped those in need.

Travelling is another huge passion of mine as well, and I try to put a new country under my belt every year. I really enjoy hearing about other people’s cultures and experiences, and it is not unusual for me to ask about your heritage and traditions once we begin to know one another.

My personality is very down to earth and realistic. Optimistic, flirty, and honest are words that have been used to describe me by others. I am a caretaker by nature, and once we meet I will aim to take care of you in anyway you need. I really enjoy being physical with others as well, caressing, cuddling, kissing, massaging, and even just holding hands while out in public, (if appropriate), or even at home while watching a movie.

Find even more information about me on TNA and other review boards. Sometimes the reviews may be under April319flower.

My Basic Stats:

Brown Hair & Eyes (both natural), 36D Bra Size (Natural), Medium Panties Size, Medium/Large Dresses and Lingerie, Curvy but Height Weight Proportionate, 130-136lbs., Five Foot and Four Inches, and Adorable Manicured Hands & Feet(Size 8.5-9US).

"From the very first time I saw her to my most recent visit, she has spoiled and pampered me with physical affection that is nothing short of a girlfriend quality experience. Her kisses are passionate, her caresses are thoughtful and her focus is entirely on you"

Bluenote from TNA

"April is young, but very experienced at quality companionship and she loves to role play, which adds a whole other dimension to her wonderful sessions. "